The Heroics of Parenting

Incredibles 2 has everyone excited to visit the movie theater in the hot days of summer. The superhero family we all remember from 2004’s Incredibles is back for more fun, starting exactly where it left off last time: with the Underminer. But this time, instead of just one bag guy, there are plenty, and they might not be exactly who they seem.

Introducing: Screenslaver (controlled completely by Evelyn). With her own tech, she can easily manipulate anyone (including supers) into following her orders. There’s quite a bit of action going on in this film, with supers fighting supers, and Jack Jack learning to harness his own powers.

When the Parr family is left in the dust with no job or house, one parent has to start working, and they decide that it’s Helen’s turn. Almost immediately after making that decision, she’s invited to work towards making superheroes legal again: a job that she wasn’t sure on accepting in the beginning. Bob is obviously very jealous that she can use her powers for the common good without government interference, but is willing if it means eventually he can go public again.

But Bob soon realizes that taking care of the kids isn’t as easy of a job as Helen makes it. He juggles hepling Dash with math homework, making sure Jack Jack gets what he wants, and dealing with Violet’s girl problems. He is very sleep-deprived, and finally turns to Edna Mode to help with the babysitting. Edna, in one night, trains Jack Jack to use his powers and makes a controller to help Bob with handling him. Edna reminds Bob and the whole audience that parenting is heoric (if done properly), and sends a message to all of us that parents have a difficult job.

Incredibles 2 may seem like just a normal superhero action movie on the cover, but beneath the surface is a story about every family’s ups and downs that I’m sure everyone watching can relate to.

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