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perennial spring

the sky is frozen at dawn, masked by gray smokescreens drifting down the neighbors’ sloped rooftops and hovering between the tips of budding lemon trees. a ghost’s breath emerges from my set of parched lips, that i imagine as the hydrangea’s sweet blush rising from my neck, when i reach my fingers towards the fading […]

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the road home

i. Home: sickly, sullen, desolate. it used to be the iridescence that brought me here, but the waters washed away purple sea urchins, slimy green kelp leaves, pairs of yellow seahorses. but i return again, hoping to introduce the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef to one who’s never felt the love of the ocean. […]

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a notebook

Dangles between my mom’s weathered  fingers, pages unclaimed. Ticonderoga in hand Pencil to paper. I am ready, have been ready for six years. but my mind draws a blank. Learning to write is like learning To think, to entertain, to surrender— And so at eight years old, in the darkness of my bed, I lean […]

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i was six when i blew out my candles and wished that i was Peter Pan and you were Wendy Darling. for a year, you still laughed with me when we threw out our veggies and watched them swirl in the toilet and hid under the bunk bed that we shared. then you asked for […]

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