Last Day of Summer

“I dare you to ask someone for gum.” My eyes widened and I scanned the trail for any approachable dog-walkers, but saw nobody. “That’s unfair, there’s nobody here!” Ella and Sophia giggled and continued kicking the dirt path, scouring their minds for a better one. The last hours of summer camp were rapidly approaching, so […]

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I Can’t Read!

“What are you gonna get?” My family stood at the back of the store, behind the line of customers waiting to order. The seemingly simple question forced hundreds of thoughts through my head as I redirected my attention to the menu before us. Images of refreshing smoothies decorated the pink walls and AC blasted from […]

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It doesn’t seem real until it happens to you. My heart pounded against my chest as I looked out into the rainbow horizon. The uneven stone walkway moved up and down, curving into the mountain, and coming back to sit on top. And there, the Great Wall of China sat. Her towering gaze looked down […]

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A Community’s Love

The fiery Spanish sun beat down on our backs as we all sat around the rocky table. The grass surrounded us, so unusual compared to my home back in California, where grass was yellowed and dry. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the shimmering colored glass pieces scattered across the garden. Ignacio had […]

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Silicon Valley Dream

Sometimes I wish I grew up in Idaho. I’ve read stories about the people who move to California to become stars and entrepreneurs ever since I was young. Growing up in the Silicon Valley, especially as an Asian American, I’m always faced with new challenges and opportunities–like the new tutoring center that opened across the […]

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