Humans and Dinos: Living Together Peacefully?

Can you imagine a world where we lived side by side with dinosaurs? Not those nice herbivores, but with all species: carnivores included. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom challenges us with the big question of how humanity can adapt and change with these unfamiliar creatures living among our society.

Once again, Ian Malcolm is right. “Life… finds a way.” While the dinosaurs were tracked, nature has found another way to let them free into the world. When humans mess with things we don’t understand, the world can be left in chaos. There’s a reason the dinosaurs went extinct, making way for mankind to take over. With the dinos back from the dead, will we manage to survive, or with they take over as they once did before?

Despite the thought-jerking themes, this new action film also has us all gripping our seats in terror, waiting for jump scares: only for them to come seconds after we all let out a big sigh of relief. The plot twists and surprising character revelations keep us on our toes at moments like when Maisie finds out she was genetically engineered, or when Rexy comes through the tunnel towards Claire. The further the movie progresses, the more we understand about the whole plot.

However, there are still some questions left unanswered. What is Dr. Wu doing with all those dinosaur eggs? Will Blue still be able to trust mankind even with the betrayals of Owen (although unpurposeful)? With the T-Rex take over the world? We’re just hoping there’ll be a sequel coming out soon that will tell us all about what’s going on.

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