Holden Caulfield In Quarantine

Recently, I read the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. So, I wondered how Holden would act if he was trapped in his New York home during the 2020 pandemic. Here’s the piece I wrote! For almost five months, I’ve been trapped inside this one building with my parents, grandparents, and siblings […]

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I sat in my room, staring across at the pearly white wall: the closest I ever would get to the color of the sun. Bright, blinding, beautiful. Everything I wanted was nothing. Nothing could replace the warm sun, at least a flash of the shining rays I had once felt. But it all went away […]

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I have a jar by the door. Every morning, I rub it, and it fills with cash. I’ve never really counted it, but it’s just enough to last a frivolous day. All of the things I buy with the money are ephemeral, made to last one day. After all, the jar will always be refilled… […]

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