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everything is grey

but above blends blue bleeds white clouds of sponge yearning for silver folded into sky and by the rolling hills of dull-soot fly seagulls skimming the edge of waves. they plunge and crease into self as fires expunge the past. white lines snaking between blue dye. wind leads and rain trails bare feet dashing by– […]

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I Can’t Read!

“What are you gonna get?” My family stood at the back of the store, behind the line of customers waiting to order. The seemingly simple question forced hundreds of thoughts through my head as I redirected my attention to the menu before us. Images of refreshing smoothies decorated the pink walls and AC blasted from […]

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In the morning, you sat patiently in my lap, trying to forget the California heat burning into your white fur and lowered vampire eyes. Your ears perked for a second when my ten-year-old hands pulled you onto the tiled bathroom floor of an air-conditioned basement you hadn’t been in before. But your body, sluggish and […]

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perennial spring

the sky is frozen at dawn, masked by gray smokescreens drifting down the neighbors’ sloped rooftops and hovering between the tips of budding lemon trees. a ghost’s breath emerges from my set of parched lips, that i imagine as the hydrangea’s sweet blush rising from my neck, when i reach my fingers towards the fading […]

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i was six when i blew out my candles and wished that i was Peter Pan and you were Wendy Darling. for a year, you still laughed with me when we threw out our veggies and watched them swirl in the toilet and hid under the bunk bed that we shared. then you asked for […]

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Her eyes watch the gardens,     pink roses sprouting from the lips of the Sultan,     four white ones remembering the happiest days off his life,     red flowers staining the innocence of the throne. Her body plastered with jewels,     blue etched on her forehead,     gold running down her neck,     and tattooed 1000 times over her body are […]

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anna. palindrome, reflection of two souls and two sets of brown eyes staring into the bathroom mirror as my sister brushes my charcoal hair into a ponytail. a smile that widens when I watch the piano fingers dance across keys, unlocking my world, holding my hand through rocky paths along redwood forests, past the salty […]

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2020, I live like yesterday. The same spiraling hum ringing in my ears from the moment I awaken. It’s inescapable, the light streaming through cracks in the window when mom forces them open, sickening stench wafting from the kitchen trash can, dirty laundry piling up in a corner of the closet, unwashed dishes still soiled […]


‘The Kissing Booth 2’: More to Rom-coms Than Just Love and Laughter

Netflix recently released “The Kissing Booth 2,” and just like the first installment of the series, it attracted a large audience of eager romantic comedy fans. The movie, although predictable and similar to other American rom-coms, was actually more enjoyable than anticipated. This article focuses on the romantic relationships of “The Kissing Booth 2” and the commonalities between other rom-coms.

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Found Poem

Inspired by Leah Umansky’s article. Step 1: Find a work space. my bed creates the magic that turns butterflies into words and paints dreams on my glittery pink notebook. the bleeding pen becomes the only companion who understands because she can read and write down my mind. Step 2: Brainstorm. when i learn of a […]

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Movie Review: “13th” Redefines Slavery

(Originally published in The Stanford Daily) Outrage over the death of George Floyd sparked international protest and calls to action against police brutality. The resultant increase in media attention towards the Black Lives Matter movement has also encouraged people to educate themselves on the shocking statistics surrounding injustices against the Black community and in the […]

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It doesn’t seem real until it happens to you. My heart pounded against my chest as I looked out into the rainbow horizon. The uneven stone walkway moved up and down, curving into the mountain, and coming back to sit on top. And there, the Great Wall of China sat. Her towering gaze looked down […]

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winter flowers

winter flowers are the flowers that bloom amongst icicles and frozen lakes and snowstorms. they smile at the dying sunlight and float with stunning white ocean foam. winter flowers are the ones that dance to the rhythm of billowing winds and hooting owls, with pearly droplets of dew and the fading orange auroras. winter flowers […]

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the road home

i. Home: sickly, sullen, desolate. it used to be the iridescence that brought me here, but the waters washed away purple sea urchins, slimy green kelp leaves, pairs of yellow seahorses. but i return again, hoping to introduce the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef to one who’s never felt the love of the ocean. […]

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The Willow

A worn out man slumps his shoulders and reaches down into the iridescent lake. His leaves touch the surface like fingertips gently brushing against a cheek; he performs a dance, gracefully swaying with the wind swishing his light branches to make music—dry rain lands on damp grass, olive on sea green. But through his facade […]

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No Destination

Hands touched the smooth leather moving from door to wheel to knob music drowning out the sound of the rain squeaking down windshield pitter patter pitter woosh patter thud woosh thud Eyes looked through rivers of water: salty puddles dripping down my face and onto my patches of skin showing through my distressed jeans tasteless […]

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i. we walked along the brilliant blue, toes kissed by the warm sand, wild hair teasing in and out with the current. my sister giggled, pointing at the dolphins leaping out of the water. splashes drew her down the ocean floor. she desperately searched for a flash of vibrancy– like she saw in the pictures. […]

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I stood before the still lake, looking across water only to find more water; tears crowded the edges of my eyes, threatening to spill any time. My eyes fell to my hands, the only thing I seemed to be in control of. I looked up to see the trees crumble, bowing down to the horrendous […]

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bare feet beat against the maui grass, past tiki torches and hundred-year-old palms, matching the pitter-patter of raindrops falling against unruly hair gathered into a loose braid. I stand before the rolling waves, stare at the other two never-ending islands cloaked with grey sea-foam in the sky. between waves washing on sand and tips of […]

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my eyes open to white ceiling. blank, empty, alone. my ears strain to hear just the lightest creaking or softest footstep or the constant ticking of a clock. there’s nothing. wait. I hear it. ringing. no. it’s just the paralyzing silence. nobody’s home. my heart kicks a beat to match the haunting melody of fear […]

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a notebook

Dangles between my mom’s weathered  fingers, pages unclaimed. Ticonderoga in hand Pencil to paper. I am ready, have been ready for six years. but my mind draws a blank. Learning to write is like learning To think, to entertain, to surrender— And so at eight years old, in the darkness of my bed, I lean […]

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I sat in my room, staring across at the pearly white wall: the closest I ever would get to the color of the sun. Bright, blinding, beautiful. Everything I wanted was nothing. Nothing could replace the warm sun, at least a flash of the shining rays I had once felt. But it all went away […]

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I have a jar by the door. Every morning, I rub it, and it fills with cash. I’ve never really counted it, but it’s just enough to last a frivolous day. All of the things I buy with the money are ephemeral, made to last one day. After all, the jar will always be refilled… […]

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Picture Perfect

The train jolts me awake.Again.I’ve lost track of how manydreams I’ve left unfinished,how many characters in my headwaiting for the end of a sentence that willnever come. The only part of me that’s been asleep for the whole ride:my foot.I shove at the suitcase, defeated.Like me, it has nowhere to go.Like me, it’s a burden […]

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The Dangers of Vaping

Most people believe that vape is “a lot healthier” than tobacco cigarettes, but how much better are they exactly? Both cigarettes and e-cigarettes are extremely harmful for the lungs, but many companies advertise vape as a safe alternative to tobacco. Although the number of smokers has gone down over the years, the increase in vape […]

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Underpaid Athletes

Professional sports are a male dominated field. Not only are there more men in sports, but men earn a higher income than their female counterparts. Of the 2019 Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, Serena Williams was the only female on the list. In some cases, male athletes have earned up to three times more than […]

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90’s Fashion Comeback

The fashion world around us is constantly changing, and trends slowly fade in and out of style. However, one specific era of fashion seems to be coming back. The 90s. Parents’ clothes making their way to Goodwill are being intercepted by teens, and past styles are taking off again. Here are some fads that teens […]

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Toxic Trends

When most teens shop, they are looking for cheaper clothes that fit the latest trends and styles, leading them to stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and Uniqlo. In the moment, shopping at these stores may seem like the best choice: it’s affordable, trendy, and easy. But, those inexpensive prices come at a cost for […]

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The Tech Trap

As you drive along the highways and inner roads of the Bay Area, the juxtaposition is jarring. Tall office buildings with bright company logos shine onto dilapidated tents and shelters unfit for anyone to stay in. With the continued expansion of  high tech companies, the problem of wealth disparity intensifies. However, in order to understand […]

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