Found Poem

Inspired by Leah Umansky’s article.

Step 1: Find a work space.
my bed creates the magic that
turns butterflies into words and paints dreams on my
glittery pink notebook.
the bleeding pen becomes the only companion who
understands because she can read and write down my mind.

Step 2: Brainstorm.
when i learn of a
universe beyond my home, i explore.
in my stories, fairytales and unicorns
don’t seem so far after all. but my fantastical elven cottages
are decimated with age & the world is no longer a dream. it
becomes reality.

Step 3: Snip. Snip. Snip.
my memories fragment,
spilling over water-wrinkled pages. i relive the
thoughts that drove me to insanity, tears, passionate
flames of emotion i don’t yet know how to control. & they tear
me apart until i am but shreds of paper.

Step 4: Layout.
i almost drown in the river of words
that i so lovingly pursued before. fragments of myself are debased
to gibberish: something nobody can understand, or
envision, but me. i rearrange my story with punctuation, lines,
forgotten summers, the second day
of school, to make another imperfection.

Step 5: Paste.
the words reinvent me
into the protagonist i dreamed to become since i travelled to
the land of storybook mermaids. they attract and fit
perfectly to make the puzzle of myself, so that my once crisp
newspaper life becomes ripped poetry:
unique, limitless, undefined—

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