Last Day of Summer

“I dare you to ask someone for gum.” My eyes widened and I scanned the trail for any approachable dog-walkers, but saw nobody. “That’s unfair, there’s nobody here!” Ella and Sophia giggled and continued kicking the dirt path, scouring their minds for a better one. The last hours of summer camp were rapidly approaching, so […]

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perennial spring

the sky is frozen at dawn, masked by gray smokescreens drifting down the neighbors’ sloped rooftops and hovering between the tips of budding lemon trees. a ghost’s breath emerges from my set of parched lips, that i imagine as the hydrangea’s sweet blush rising from my neck, when i reach my fingers towards the fading […]

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i was six when i blew out my candles and wished that i was Peter Pan and you were Wendy Darling. for a year, you still laughed with me when we threw out our veggies and watched them swirl in the toilet and hid under the bunk bed that we shared. then you asked for […]

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It doesn’t seem real until it happens to you. My heart pounded against my chest as I looked out into the rainbow horizon. The uneven stone walkway moved up and down, curving into the mountain, and coming back to sit on top. And there, the Great Wall of China sat. Her towering gaze looked down […]

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bare feet beat against the maui grass, past tiki torches and hundred-year-old palms, matching the pitter-patter of raindrops falling against unruly hair gathered into a loose braid. I stand before the rolling waves, stare at the other two never-ending islands cloaked with grey sea-foam in the sky. between waves washing on sand and tips of […]

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