A Reflection On “What the Honeybees Showed Me”

70,000 killers ready to strike at any moment. My 8 year old self knew better than to mess with the new colony my dad brought home. Once, a rogue worker pinched me while I was running in the backyard with my sister. I cried as my mom pulled the stinger from my shaking leg. Soon […]

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My Full Suitcase

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Anaheim with my school on a mission to win 5 gold medals. We came back with 2 golds, invites to Carnegie Hall, and many happy memories. Now, you’ve probably got some questions in mind. Why’d we go? What did we win? What did we do? If you […]

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A Visit to UC Berkeley

A week ago was Cal Day, one of the craziest days of the quiet month of April. It’s the time to visit the legendary school of University of California, Berkeley. In Cal Day, almost everything within the campus is free: parking, going up the bell tower, the library, talks, crafts, performances. When we arrived at […]

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