A Reflection on “Together.”

Just three years ago, I was constantly upset with my sister. Sometimes, she was nosy and condescending. But other times, when I needed a bit of sisterly love, she was off to boarding school again.

Most families think of college as the moment their child leaves home; but for me, college was bringing my sister back into my life, from New Hampshire to California. When COVID-19 drove her into the bedroom next door, I was excited. This was my chance to reconnect with her! But I was also wary: I remembered all the tattling on each other, mood swings, and snappy conversations.

However, after three months in quarantine together, I’m confident to say I have the best sister. Lilian Howard eats “evening meals” with her roommate, “often with a ballet, opera or theater event”. Similarly, every day, I wonder what I’ll be doing with my sister: binge-watching a TV show, waiting for Amazon packages by the door, or having impromptu sleepovers in my room. But of course, it’s not all smooth sailing. We have our occasional fights, where, like Kendra Peart, we argue “in British accents” to avoid “taking the little things too seriously”.

Of the four years she was at boarding school, I’ve seen her face for less than two. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused so much harm, I see a silver lining to this rainstorm: my big sister. These past three months have pushed us closer than the 15 years of my life and strengthened our bond to last a lifetime. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

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