The Dangers of Vaping

Most people believe that vape is “a lot healthier” than tobacco cigarettes, but how much better are they exactly? Both cigarettes and e-cigarettes are extremely harmful for the lungs, but many companies advertise vape as a safe alternative to tobacco.

Although the number of smokers has gone down over the years, the increase in vape users is shocking. Many previous cigarette users have chosen to switch to vapes, because vape companies advertise vapes in a way that suggests they help smokers quit smoking. While this is somewhat true, what is often left out of these commercials is that nicotine will replace tobacco as an addiction.

There are many health risks to the use of e-cigarettes, including lung damage and disease, nicotine addiction, and pregnancy risks. The Washington Post stated in 2019 that there were up to 354 cases of vaping-related illnesses. Also, it’s been found that teens who vape are more likely to smoke later on in their lives.

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. Although some e-cigarettes have nicotine amounts labelled, they are highly unreliable. It’s been proven that mislabeling on vapes is a huge issue. Vapes also deliver nicotine at rates of up to 2.7 times faster than a normal cigarette. That makes it easier and faster for someone to become hooked.

Although there are few benefits of using a vape (helping someone stop smoking, used as a coping mechanism), the dangers far outweigh them. In order to stay healthy and maintain a nicotine or cigarette free lifestyle, it’s best to steer clear of any vapes in general.

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