My Full Suitcase

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Anaheim with my school on a mission to win 5 gold medals. We came back with 2 golds, invites to Carnegie Hall, and many happy memories. Now, you’ve probably got some questions in mind. Why’d we go? What did we win? What did we do?

If you had asked me those questions before I had gone to Anaheim, I would’ve said: “Why’d we go? We went to compete in the Anaheim Music Heritage Festival. What did we win? A couple of awards. What did we do? We went to Disneyland, played music, and went on a super long bus ride.

But what would I say now? It’s true, we did go to compete in the Anaheim Heritage Festival, but we also went to form bonds with friends we never thought of as friends, and to learn the true value of what it means to be in the Happiest Place on Earth. Yes, we won a couple of awards, but we also won an experience, with friends and teachers, and we won knowledge, like don’t get off the ride when you’re not supposed to at Grizzly River Rapids, or don’t take too long in the bathroom or your group will leave you. But most importantly, I didn’t go on a super long bus ride. What I did get was a super long time to sit and chat with all my friends I had made on the trip, and reflect/laugh about all the memories, like losing a purse at the store, or pushing each other into the pool when we all thought it was too cold to go swimming.

A visit to Happiest Place on Earth is meant to be cherished and remembered. But not only do I cherish and remember, I’ve learned, and made a suitcase full of memories, to bring around from California to Spain to Australia, ready to be unpacked at any moment in our journey through life.

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